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Let Us Show You How to Increase Your Claim Payouts Dramatically All we need is 5 minutes of your time — all you need is Storybook, a unique application that tells each claim’s story with just a few keystrokes, clicks, drags, and drops.

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How Storybooking the Damage Can Help Get Your Property Damage Claims Paid FAST! One of the biggest reasons for underpaid property claims involves internal claims adjusters reviewing the claim from hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away who do not really understand your damage arguments. While your damage photos and captions may make perfect sense to you because you evaluated the property, they probably don’t tell the whole story. Storybook’s automated tagging system is already armed with hundreds of clearly written damage arguments. Smart tags make telling your story super fast and easy and they provide insurers with the information they need to really understand the claim.

Put distant internal claims adjusters on notice with professional, date-stamped photo reports generated by Storybook Photo Management software! If they intend to underpay your claim, they won’t be able to later deny that you did not inform them of the issues.

In many cases, insurers must provide a reasonable basis for denying an insurance claim. Using our detailed damage arguments, which are logically grouped and easy to drag and drop onto the appropriate photos, your reports signal that it could be very difficult for them to give a reasonable explanation as to why they are denying every portion of the claim.

If they then send a typical “cookie cutter” denial letter, you should be able to easily recognize each instance where they failed to effect a prompt, fair, and equitable settlement of the claim when their liability had become reasonably clear.

Detailed Reports Make Insurers Think Twice Upon receiving your detailed damage arguments, insurers may think twice about refusing to pay the claim without performing a reasonable investigation of their own with regard to each and every point in your report. We all know that claims adjusters often take the path of least resistance when it comes to whether to pay or not pay a claim. When you quickly StoryBook the damages, you’re making it harder for the claims adjuster to deny the claim and easier to pay it.

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